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I'm  Pooja Acharekar, the soul behind "Magical Bliss". I was born and brought up in Mumbai. Since I was young , I always wanted to be a designer and maker. However, ended up taking a job, holding  to my creative side .Eight years back , once again my heart called out to get creative and do what I love to do. I was introduce to a clutch making class by one of my friend who knew about my creative side. I started as a hobby; crafted & sold 100+ clutch bags through local exhibition under brand "Zeliant", which gave me confidence about client liking the handmade products. I designed customized bags for fashion brands like Shekhleela, GuruKrupa, and few more. 


During pandemic I realized online presence plays a vital role in the creative business and that's how I launched Magical Bliss because I wanted to be able to use my skills to make something that would benefit people who could really use it. I saw how much art therapy benefits and make a huge difference in once life and thought: why don't we just make them?

So now we do! And we're proud of our work. All of the pieces are handcrafted from scratch, so they're beautiful, durable, and affordable—you won't find anything like them anywhere else!

My mission is to spread blissful joy through unique , handcrafted , yet luxurious pieces curated by us.


Our vision is now to make great women artisans through our workshops to upgrade and turn their passion into profession where she can run a successful business through our platform from home and create a life she desire for.


My goal is to keep pushing myself to discover new media and ideas. Just let us know what you need and we will set up a listing just for you. We create your imagination!

Thank You for all your support.

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